Alpex Gin & Tonic


Born both by chance and out of need from the habit of English colonists in India of adding alcohol to make more pleasant the taste of tonic water, which at the time was used to fight malaria. Today it’s one of the most popular cocktails in the world. There are many versions, made with different types of gin, tonic water, toppings and glasses. Alpex’s proposal is simple: a drink served in a balloon glass, ice, gin, and a squeeze of lemon zest, accompanied by the dry and sharp taste of Alpex Indian Dry Tonic Water.


· 4,5 cl of gin

· Ice

· Alpex Indian Dry Tonic Water

· Lemon peel


Fill a balloon glass with ice cubes, add the gin and pour in Alpex Indian Dry Tonic Water. Cut a lemon twist and squeeze it. The gin and tonic doesn’t need lemon, only the aromas of the oils present in the lemon peel. Garnish with a lemon twist.

Bartender’s tips

1 Choose a suitable glass. The Spanish balloon glass (copa de balón) is ideal for enhancing the aromas and large enough to contain all the ingredients and toppings.
2 Find your favourite gin: dry, aromatic, floral, citrusy… there are many kinds, and it’s important to know your taste. If you’re a bartender and your client does not know which gin to choose, ask him which flavour they prefers.
3 Don’t dress to impress. Avoid garnishes that can hinder drinking and use only one element that marries with one of the botanicals present in the gin or in the tonic water: a citric element or an aromatic plant that isn’t bulky, like thyme.
4 Bubbles lover? Serve it in a Collins glass and your cocktail will stay sparkling longer. A recommendation: do not pour the tonic along the bar spoon!

Food Pairing

Fish dishes are excellent paired with gin & tonic, from smoked salmon to sushi to shrimp. Here are some tips:
Smoked salmon: served cold, perhaps a little spicy, it’s an excellent match. Add a pinch of lemon juice to the salmon to make it even more appetizing.
Shrimps and prawns: they’re just great with gin & tonic. Try them stir-fried with sesame seeds.
Mussels: sautéed, marinara or steamed, they go perfectly with a gin & tonic with a clean taste.