Alpex Spritz

Alcohol free aperitif

To be enjoyed cold or with ice and a slice of orange

All the taste of the classic Spritz cocktail, with a marked citrus note and a pleasant bitter finish, now in a non-alcoholic version. For those who do not want to give up an aperitif with character, but prefer it without alcohol and of the highest quality.
A free and unconventional spirit for an Italian-style non-alcoholic aperitif to share with friends.

Winning Points

–  Satisfy the craving for quality soft drinks
–  Classic taste but at the same time distinctive
–  Versatile: excellent both stand-alone and in mixing
–  Suitable for all palates and ideal for all hours

As a mixer

Mixed, it maintains its originality: to be tried with bitters and as a base for non-alcoholic cocktails.

Stand alone

Served cold with ice and a slice of orange, it guarantees all the taste of the classic Spritz cocktail but in a non-alcoholic version. For an alternative tasting try to perfume it with a grapefruit peel.

With citrus notes of orange, a pleasantly bitter aftertaste of quinine and selected natural aromas. Without preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

Nutritional information




12 g


12 g

Protein, Fat

0 g


0,02 g


Water, sugar, flavourings, carbon dioxide, concentrated orange juice, acidifiers: citric acid; salt, quinine flavour, colours: E122, E110.